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What college team will have the biggest dropoff due to players leaving early for the draft?

Ohio State
37% 37%
47% 47%
7% 7%
7% 7%
3% 3%

If you had the first pick in the NBA draft, who would you select?

Kevin Durant
39% 39%
Greg Oden
53% 53%
10% 10%
Too hard to choose
7% 7%

Should high school players be allowed to go directly to the NBA?

Yes, all athletes should have the right to play professionally after they turn 17.
57% 57%
Yes, only if they are guaranteed a contract before they turn pro.
10% 10%
No, the new rules are perfect for the sports of basketball.
26% 26%
I have no strong opinion on either choice.
7% 7%

Do you think it's fair that college coaches can leave whenever they please?

Yes, they have every right advance their careers.
36% 36%
No, they are backing out on the kids that committed to play for them.
55% 55%
No strong opinion for either option.
9% 9%

What High School Player are you most excited to see in college next year?

Derrick Rose (Memphis)
27% 27%
O.J Mayo (Southern Cal)
36% 36%
Michael Beasley (Kansas State)
18% 18%
Bill Walker (Kansas State)
5% 5%
Eric Gordon (Indiana)
14% 14%